How it works?

Get the best souvenir from your trip to Tallinn! Tallinn Photo Tour is a fantastic way of getting pictures of yourself in this Northern European city. Visiting Tallinn alone or with a +1 or with your family, for business or pleasure, we can help you capture a beautiful walk in a part of town that interests you.

You can make a booking using this online form, specifying when you’ll be in Tallinn and how many are you.

We agree on the following:

  • the day and time for the photo shoot
  • your preferred photographer
  • your preferred location(s)
  • where we will meet and a contact phone number

We then meet in the specified place and continue on to the location agreed upon.

If you need an invoice, let us know in advance and give us your full postal address.

100 € of the package price is required as a downpayment to confirm your booking.

Tallinn Photo Tours
Tallinn / Estonia
Phone: +372 5699 1433
Email: info[at]
Booking is required