Where to go?

We know that you want to have an unforgettable time during your visit in Tallinn. We know our city well. And we can capture your smile and emotions perfectly. Let us create a great gift for you for later years.


Our photographer knows where the most beautiful views can be found and which streets are the most exciting. She’ll take beautiful portraits of you with centuries of European history as a backdrop. With its centuries-old architecture, intricately patterned doors and twisting stairways, the Old Town is the best place for taking pictures.

We can capture a romantic moment in a chocolate café or a warm embrace against a background of the limestone that is so typical of Tallinn. We can walk along the medieval city wall in the Lower Town, on ancient streets paved with cobblestones or through a beautiful park beside a pond lined with old trees, or we can climb up to Toompea.

Tallinn’s parks are a great place for portraits at any time of year – whether it’s with the warm, green tones of spring and summer, the explosion of colour that autumn brings or a fine white blanket of snow in winter. Our city has many faces.



Here you’ll find true ghetto romance: wooden houses, long avenues, walks on the railway and through empty old factories. This bohemian part of town is developing and opening up, but without losing the sights, sounds and smells of old. We can track down the best cakes in Tallinn and find the city’s most romantic buildings.

Anyone looking for a stark contrast to their everyday lives and who has an interest in the Soviet era will appreciate the confronting experience that the Patarei prison provides (open May-September). A portrait taken of you here will be a memory you hold on to forever! But don’t drag your feet – these buildings might not stay the way they are for much longer.

This is a great part of town for a stylish retro shoot. Ask us for advice on where to find vintage clothing in Tallinn.


Are you interested in a very different kind of romance?

City Hall, a Soviet-era building which overlooks Tallinn Bay, is well-known today for its endless stairs, locked doors and graffiti. This abandoned colossus is an exciting place for discoveries, sea views and photo shoots.

We can walk along the beach, climb on the piers and clamber across the rocks. Here you’re open to the wind and the sea. If you’re looking for a different sort of background and a truly unique experience, this is for you.


Exploring this palace, built by a Russian tsar for his wife, and the surrounding park, you can be captured on film walking hand-in-hand along alleys of oak trees and more. The gorgeous pictures we produce will always bring back to you the tranquillity and beauty of Tallinn.

We can take a moment to sit by the pond and watch the swans, grab a coffee in the city’s most romantic café and wrap our arms around the stout trunks of trees steeped in history. Passing the presidential palace, we can end our walk outside one of the most contemporary buildings in the city – Kumu art museum.

This is a great place for families with children, too. Here you can run around and play on the grass. There are swings and climbing frames as well. The pictures our photographer takes of your kids will capture true moments of their childhood and reflect the delight of holidaying as a family.



The Estonian Open Air Museum in the suburb of Rocca al Mare is the perfect place for a walk in the midst of history and greenery.

Here you’ll find farmsteads and windmills characteristic of Estonia’s rural roots. The old stone and timber facades make a great backdrop for photos and will serve as a reminder for years to come of the rich history enshrined in the place.

The museum is laid out like a series of villages, and as you walk from one to another you’ll forget all about the hustle and bustle of the city beyond. The grounds are situated right on Tallinn Bay. You can get a cup of tea at the old tavern and then try out the village swing. There’s an authentic (and tiny!) timber church to take a look at, and a village school house.

The museum is a great place for walks and for photos with the kids. If you’re lucky you might even encounter some sheep and horses! Please note that the cost of the photo session doesn’t include admission to the museum. For ticket details see The Estonian Open Air Museum.


Just 5 km from the centre of Tallinn is the leafy green suburb of Pirita, which is famous for its medieval convent ruins and long sandy beach. There are a lot of trees here right by the water – tall pines sway and sing in the breeze.

The historical ruins of the convent (open year-round) are fascinating to explore and make an ideal place to photograph special moments. Here the Pirita River flows straight into the sea, past moored yachts and a quayside café.

A photoshoot in Pirita is a great choice for romantic couples and families with children.

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